Language is fundamental to all learning and therefore receives a very high priority. Our English curriculum aims to recognise the foundation laid by the home and to build upon this to produce:
  • Attentive, open-minded and enquiring listeners;
  • Clear, fluent and confident speakers;
  • Well-informed, enthusiastic and expressive readers;
  • Imaginative, neat and accurate writers.
To this end, our English curriculum lays a firm emphasis on the development of speaking and listening, reading and writing, including grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.
We aim to provide a wide range of rich and stimulating experiences and tasks appropriate to the needs of individual children, ensuring that each pupil progresses as well as he or she possibly can.
We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. All children are taught phonics daily from Reception Year to the end of Year 2. In the juniors they revise phonics and proceed to learn more advanced spelling patterns.
Children begin reading with the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme which offers small step progression and consolidation. Alongside this, they also have picture and other books to share with an adult. When children reach stage 5 or 6 on the scheme, we actively encourage a wider variety of books including picture books which children are able to read for themselves. Our non-scheme books are banded to help children choose at an appropriate level.
We have developed a well-stocked library of non-fiction books and each classroom has a wide selection of fiction in order to support children’s reading for pleasure.