Phonics, Reading & Spelling

EYFS & Year 1 Phonics

Please encourage your child to read for at least 5 minutes each day. Please write the date and title of the reading scheme book in their reading record and a comment on how your child read the book. You may wish to comment on the following –

Does your child tell the story using lots of exciting story language? (wordless texts)

Does your child hold the book correctly and follow the words?

Does your child use pure sounds (please see correct pronunciation video below)?

Does your child blend sounds to read words? e.g. c-a-t = cat

Does your child read with confidence and fluency?

Does your child remember what happened in the story once you finish reading?

Does you child answer simple questions about the characters - why they did things and how they felt?


Reading & Spelling Year 1 & 2
Sapphire Class - Year 3 & 4
Emerald Class - Year 5 & 6