Procedures for the Start and End of the Day

Procedure for Early Morning
Early morning procedures are necessary to ensure the safe, smooth running of the school at a busy time of day.
The main gate will be opened at approximately 8.35am each morning, once opened children and parents/carers are welcome to wait on the playground for the start of the day. Until the bell goes at 8.42am all children must be supervised by a parent/carer. We appreciate there may be occasions when you’re unable to wait with your child, in this instance you are more than welcome to arrange for another parent/carer to supervise your child on your behalf.
Children should arrive at school by 8.42am ready for the bell. Being on time is vital, arriving late at school can be very disruptive for the late child, the teacher and other children in the class.
As there is little space in the cloakroom, we ask parents not to come into school with the children. Reception parents may come in initially but this should gradually be phased out as the children get used to being at school. There are always members of staff around to help children if they need it.
If parents wish to pop in and see a particular piece of work or to have a quick word with a teacher, this should be after school in the afternoon as teachers are very busy in the mornings preparing for the day ahead. For matters which may take a little longer it is advisable to telephone first and arrange a mutually convenient time.
There will continue to be a member of staff outside the main entrance from 8.35am each morning to take messages.
Procedure for the End of Day
When school ends at 3.15pm children will be escorted on to the playground by a member of staff who will hand them over to their parent/carer.
For the children’s safety parent/carers must inform the school office before 2.30pm if someone else is collecting their child. If we are not informed we will not hand a child over until we are able to contact the parent/carer to confirm the arrangements even if the person is known to us. We are unable to hand a child over to anyone under the age of 16.
We do not allow children to walk home from school unless they are in year 5 or 6 and live locally. Parent/carers wishing their child to walk home from school alone should speak to the school office, they will also be required to provide written permission.
Parent/carers must ensure they are at school on time to collect their children at the end of the school day. We do appreciate there may be the odd occasion where a parent/carer is delayed, in this instance the school should be notified immediately.
For the safety of the children the school office will continue to be closed to parents and visitors between 3pm and 3.15pm. This is while the children collect their bags and coats from the cloakroom.