• Children under 13 should not have a Facebook account. However it is apparent that many children under this age do have an account and some children at Alfriston say that they have an account or share an account with someone at home.
  • Set your privacy settings so that only friends can see it.
  • Be wary of joining groups – because then everyone in the group can see your page.
  • Always use a code name when chatting to each other
  • Be aware that Facebook makes money by selling your information and photos to advertisers.
  • Do not put any personal information on your Facebook page or in messages / posts on other people’s pages. This includes: - Phone numbers, addresses, pictures with names or labels, birthdays and birth dates, email addresses, and information about places you go, people you meet, times, dates and activities etc.
  • Be aware that even if posts are deleted they are still stored on the server.
  • Report abusive messages to an adult.
  • If you get abusive messages on your page or you read abusive messages about yourself on other people’s pages then use a screen shot – use ctrl key + prtscn key (print screen) and then paste it into word document as evidence.


Our school policy on the use of Facebook and other similar sites:

We do ask all parents not to post any pictures of children, the school or work done/events happening at school on any internet site without the written permission of the school and parents of the child concerned. If you give pictures to other family members, e.g. grandparents, please ensure they adhere to the school policy.

It is, unfortunately, possible for others to copy pictures of children off internet sites and use them in inappropriate ways. It is feasible that where the photo of the child is linked to the school, someone may be able to track down that child (particularly relevant for adopted and children at risk). Pupils’ work, particularly if it is tagged, could pose a risk to children’s safety.

For this reason, the school does not have its own Facebook site, as children could be put at risk if parents choose to post comments on the site, which then can link back to their home page. Facebook is particularly difficult for the school, as postings can only be removed by the owner of the page and not by Facebook itself.

We would ask that parents avoid discussion of school activities on any social media.   Disparaging comments put the school’s reputation at risk and can put the author in breach of libel laws.