Alfriston School Uniform 

Children should always be neatly and tidily dressed and should be encouraged to take a pride in their appearance.

The uniform is based on the colours red and grey and all items can be purchased from local chain stores.  The only item we specifically request you purchase with the school logo is the PE t-shirt.  This, along with other uniform with the school logo, can be purchased through School Trends.  They sell sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, PE T-shirts and fleeces.

PE bags and book bags with the school logo and water bottles can be purchased from the school office.

  • Red jumper, cardigan, sweatshirt or school fleece.
  • White shirt, or red or white polo shirt with collar

  • Grey or black plain skirt, pinafore dress, culottes, skorts, trousers or shorts – no jeans, tracksuits, combat style trousers, sports shorts or leggings

  • White, black, red or grey ankle or knee length socks or tights (no trainer socks)

  • Plain black or red shoes/black boots with low heels; these should be fastened by means of buckles, velcro or laces to ensure a good fit (no trainers). Sandals may be worn in the summer during hot weather but should have a secure back strap and not have open toes.  All school shoes or sandals need to be worn with socks or tights.

  • Red and white check/stripe school dress.


PE Kit

  • Trainers (not plimsolls) with either lace or velcro fastening to ensure a secure and safe fit.
  • Red shorts

  • White T-shirt with Alfriston logo

  • Pair of white, black, red or grey socks (trainer socks may be worn for PE only)

  • Tracksuit bottoms are optional for outdoor PE
  • In year 5 & 6 only, children can wear black cycling shorts or leggings underneath their red shorts.

These items are best kept in a drawstring bag, which should be brought to school on the first day each week and taken home at the end of the week for washing. PE bags may be purchased from the office.


Swimming Kit (summer only)

  • One-piece costume or trunks/swimming shorts (not long-legged style), swimming cap and towel.

These items are best kept in a named drawstring bag and should be brought to school daily during the swimming season.

No jewellery, including earrings must be worn in the swimming pool (please consider this if you are thinking of getting your child's ears pierced)


Long hair should always be tied back and any child with a long fringe should have it clipped back out of their face.  Children should not come to school with dyed hair.

Please do not allow your child to wear unnecessary jewellery to school, as items can be lost and no responsibility for their safety can be taken by the school. The only exception to this is watches and small plain stud earrings for children with pierced ears.

No nail varnish, tattoos or make-up should be worn at school. We reserve the right to forbid items of clothing accessories and footwear, which are dangerous in school or against the interests of the children.

Jewellery can cause a problem not only to the wearer but also to other children if worn during PE and games. It should be noted the East Sussex Local Authority advice is that jewellery of any kind should not be worn during PE lessons or any other kind of physical activities. If the child is unable to remove earrings then we ask that they are covered (with the exception of swimming, when we do not allow any jewellery to be worn). Children must therefore remove any items of jewellery before their PE and games lessons.

Parents whose children wear items or clothing for personal, cultural or religious reasons that are different to our school uniform policy are asked to inform us of the details.