Our School Charter

At our school we use the Empowerment Approach because we believe that high expectations and high support enables a child to achieve.  We have a calm, firm and consistent approach throughout the school and encourage to take responsibility for themselves.
All children contribute and learn about our whole school values and vision, alongside our School Charter.
Our School Charter
- We have the right to feel good and be able to
do our best learning in school.
- We have the responsibility to make sure the people around us also feel good 
and can learn at their best.
- We have high expectations for ourselves and everyone around us.

 For this to happen, we have agreed everyone needs to:   

1. Respond to others calmly and with kindness

“Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words, Kind Everything”

2. Make sure what we say and do helps us and those around us to learn

3. Take turns to speak and listen to others

4. Look after equipment and resources with care

 The Positive Impact if I do this will be:

1. People will feel safe around me

2. People will enjoy being around me and want to spend time in my company

3. I will feel good about myself as a learner

4. I will feel good about myself as a friend and a pro-social member of the class and school

This is likely to help me become a confident, happy and successful membeof the class and school.

The Negative Impact it may have if I don’t manage to keep to these agreed ways of working:

1. Other people won’t be able to learn and achieve as well as they could

2. I will not learn and achieve well

3. Others will not feel so safe and happy around me

4. Others might not be so keen to spend time with me

This may lead to me not feeling so good about myself and not doing so well at school.

  • I know I will be supported and have extra practice and coaching times so I get better at the things I find hard. Adults will help me and I know I will have to work hard too.
  • Before my skills improve with practice, I know I may have to learn in a different space so that others in the class feel safe and can learn.
  • We are learning about the brain and know that some people in the class will find keeping to Our School Charter more difficult and we will support them to get there.  These children may need special things to help them and extra support from adults and other children in the class.  They may have to work in a different space until they can manage but we will still have high expectations for them.