The 5 Levers of Recovery

When the school reopens in September our priority will be to quickly identify the needs of all our children and design the curriculum around those needs, taking the following information into account:

  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing of the individual children.
  • Celebrating successes (both academic and non-academic) achieved during the lockdown period, extended school closure and over the summer holiday.
  • Gaps developed through minimised social interaction with peers.
  • Re-establishing of routines, expectations for behaviour for learning and learning resilience.
  • Lack of transition period into new classes.
  • Gaps in learning for core and foundation subjects across the curriculum.

Staff will be carrying out assessments to establish any learning needs as well as listening to how the children feel about their return to school. This will happen mainly as a whole class but it may sometimes be necessary to do this in a small group or one to one outside of the classroom.  It will help us to establish any social, emotional and/or learning gaps so that teachers can plan for their class accordingly and know which children may need additional support.  Our intention is to assess and put in place any necessary support as quickly as possible.  Please see the document below as to how we will approach this recovery, as a whole school community, to help the children settle back into school, learn to come together again and reconnect emotionally, and see themselves once again as learners.