Alfriston officially twinned with the village of Veules-les-Roses in Seine Maritime, Normandy in France in 2013.

Some of our teachers visited Veules-Les-Roses soon after the twinning, where their French host was extremely generous in providing accommodation, transport and translation. The warmth of the French welcome, encouraged enthusiasm among our staff to form a relationship with the teachers and children of the schools in Veules-Les-Roses, and provide opportunities for the children on both sides of the Channel.

Since then, photos, letters, school-made books and cards have been exchanged, as well as communications via Skype. In 2018, a class from Veules-Les-Roses visited us and the children all spent the day together.

The main purposes for our school links are:

  • To encourage children to use a foreign language for a purpose
  • To encourage children to use spoken French and to understand French when it is spoken to them
  • To increase confidence when dealing with new situations including language
  • To compare similarities and differences with their own language, daily life, school and culture
  • To develop a sense of personal and cultural identity, and to be receptive and respectful towards other identities
  • To develop the knowledge, understanding and the skills needed in order to participate in Britain’s multi-ethnic society, and in the wider context of an independent world
  • To explore the potential of ICT and other means for making links over long dist

Veules-les-Roses is a beautiful village just down the coast from Dieppe.