Our School

School's Ethos

The school motto is “Fair, Friendly, Fulfilling and Fun”. We aim to ensure all children are fully part of our community and learn the social skills necessary to make friends and to learn effectively.  We encourage pupils to take on responsibilities within the community.   All staff work hard to ensure pupils fulfil their academic potential and we instill the Life Values of Determination, Curiosity, Collaboration, Creativity and Independence.  We believe every child learns best when they are fully engaged and when they have confidence in themselves.  Therefore we aim to make learning as interesting and fun as possible.  We use first hand experience such as trips and interactive workshops when possible and believe that learning through exploration and play is as valuable as lessons with more formal structure.

Alfriston School Equality Statement 

Alfriston School recognises that everyone is unique owing to varying needs and cultures. We aim to treat all differences positively, recognising that diversity creates a strong, flexible and creative school. Our belief is reflected in our Equalities Scheme and in our vision to be ‘Fair, Friendly, Fulfilling and Fun’. This is supported by a range of policies and is in line with the East Sussex County Council policy statement on Equality. Our Equality Scheme is inclusive of our whole school community – pupils, parents and carers, staff, governors, visitors and our local community.

The aims of the School:

  • We value every child for their own personality and talents and will strive to help each individual to reach their full potential.
  • We welcome pupils and their families, school governors, members of our village and friends of the school from the wider community to join us in our work and in the celebration of the children’s achievements.
  • We delight in guiding each child in their development into happy, confident, responsible and knowledgeable young people in our safe and secure learning environment.
  • We recognise the importance of enjoyment and fun in education, and are dedicated to offering exciting and interesting approaches to help children learn.
  • We aim to identify and support all children ensuring equality for opportunity for all.