Pupils are encouraged to become confident, enthusiastic, critical and independent readers. The 2014 Curriculum divides reading skills into two dimensions:

  • Word reading/decoding
  • Comprehension

We recognise that both of these elements are essential to success and we support the acquisition of these skills through various methods.



Reading book bands were introduced as a way for schools to give children the opportunity to read a range of texts from a variety of publishers on their literacy journey. Now, they're the most common system that's used by schools to assess a child's reading level in the UK, especially since the 2014 national curriculum no longer references reading levels.

Reading book bands are used from Reception all the way through to year 6, with the expectation that year 3 and beyond should be working towards stronger reading fluency.

These are the book bands for KS2. After the Red book band, children will progress onto Black banded books. At the Black book band, it's expected that children are super confident in their reading and require little help or guidance from an adult.